Monday, May 4, 2020

Embracing a Soul Enhancing Lifestyle

Do you desire to live as the person you were created to be? This is the call to a deep dive spirituality.

What is the key to living out consistently the values that we aspire to live by?

How do I cultivate a series of practices that allow me to live as my authentic self most of the time?

Choose soul enhancing practices and limit our stress-relieving practices. 

Soul enhancing practices include classic spiritual disciplines (Scripture, prayer, worship) but also contemplative practices (journaling, centering prayer) and physical practices such as eating healthy food, getting plenty of sleep, and exercising.

Does your life include enough soul-enhancing practices that you are powered most days to be your best and most authentic self when you show up in the world?

Are you a pastor or spiritual leader interested in exploring new levels in your spiritual growth?

Email: to learn more about my Deep Dive Spirituality program for groups and individuals. 

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