Invitation: A Ten Week Bible Study

Learn the overarching story of the Bible from Creation to New Creation in 10 Weeks

Study, learn, and live out 50 key truths drawn from the central passages of the Old and New Testament

Be transformed to live a missional lifestyle shaped by the way of Jesus.

 What is Invitation?
Invitation is part of Seedbed’s OneBook vision for Bible study. Invitation serves this wider vision by introducing the broad contours of the Biblical message. I follow this basic outline of understanding the Biblical story: Creation – Fall – Israel – Jesus  – Church – New Creation. Through ten chapters divided into five daily readings, I cover the core content of the Bible with an emphasis on God’s mission and the role of God’s people in it by living as a holy missional community for the sake of the world. The goal of the Invitation is not merely information; the goal is the transformation of each reader as he or she encounters the good news of Scripture and aligns or realigns with its message.

Invitation is a book or ebook (click here for sample), but a DVD is also available that includes ten 30 minute segments of my teaching that expands on the book content.  Invitation is perfect for use in small or large group study sessions and includes a study guide to enhance the readers discussion of the Bible. 

Listen to Brian talk about Invitation through following Media channels:

What were your goals for writing Invitation?

I wrote Invitation to promote a re-engagement with Scripture and its transforming good news. The inspiration for Invitation comes from two sources. First, I love the Bible. It has shaped my life and its message continues to astonish me anew every day. I’ve spent the last thirty years of my life listening to the Scriptures and aligning my life with it. Second, I’ve witnessed in my teaching and preaching the impact and power of Scripture in the lives of the women and men whom I’ve taught.  I’ve watched the lights come on for countless numbers of people when they realized the richness of Scripture and its power to transform their lives.

For whom is Invitation written?
I wrote Invitation for people interested in the Bible but with little or no background in its study. I have not watered down any part of the Scripture, but I’ve done my best to package it in language that is accessible and understandable to anyone whether they are already Christ followers or simply seeking to learn about the Bible. I try to model using language that connects the Bible with the world.

What about longtime Christians? Will Invitation be helpful for them?
Absolutely! I’ve taught the material in various contexts over the past few years. I’ve offered it in Wesley Foundations to young college students as well as for local congregations and at Bible Camps for seasoned believers. The material has proven meaningful and impactful wherever I’ve offered it. The Bible is like the ocean. You can put your toes in it or go as deep as the Mariana trench in the Pacific. Invitation will take you deeper regardless of your present level. Plus for seasoned Christians, they will learn to translate the message of the Scripture into language that will resonate with 21st century people. I can imagine not-yet believers coming to faith through studying the Bible with Invitation.

Can Invitation be used for individual study or is it only a group resource?
The Invitation study (Book and DVD) was developed for use in groups, but group study is not required. But let me say this: One of the key themes of Scripture is community. So I do suggest reading it with at least one other person, but this is not a necessity.

You can order your copies of Invitation from Seedbed. Discounts are available if ordering multiple copies. You can also watch the Week 1 video on the above link.

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