Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Episode 31 John Carroll: The Ministry of Teaching Spiritual Formation

John Carroll takes us on a deep dive into the ministry of teaching spiritual formation to others. Listen in as he shares his story and lessons learned during his journey in created spiritual formation programs for two major ministries including his current role at Dallas Willard Ministries


John Carroll’s great passion is for the two "ships" in life: DiscipleSHIP and RelationSHIP, where Christian spirituality and ecclesiology meet one another.  John presently directs the School of Kingdom Living for Dallas Willard Ministries. His recent experience includes the Apprentice Institute for Christian Spiritual Formation (Wichita, KS), as well as the Teaching Pastor at Hope Covenant Church (El Dorado, KS).  John holds a M.Div from Asbury Theological Seminary (2013) and will be ordained in the Evangelical Covenant Church in June 2021. He and his wife, Amber, have two teenage children and live in Melbourne, FL.

Dallas Willard Ministries

School of Kingdom Living

Resources Recommended by John Carroll

Shane Claiborne The Irresistible Revolution, Updated and Expanded: Living as an Ordinary Radical 

Jan Johnson Abundant Simplicity: Discovering the Unhurried Rhythms of Grace

Dallas Willard Renovation of the Heart: Putting On the Character of Christ 

---- Spirit of the Disciplines: Understanding How God Changes Lives 

Brian Zahnd Water into Wine: Some of My Story 

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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Episode 30: Dr Bob Tuttle – Entire Sanctification, Mentoring, and the Work of the Holy Spirit

In today’s episode, Dr. Robert “Bob” Tuttle discusses entire sanctification, the power of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and his ministry of mentoring. Bob and I cover much ground today and our conversation ends in a powerful testimony about holiness and the work of God in our lives. Don’t miss this one. Dr. Robert Tuttle was also a guest on Episode 7: Bob has published over a dozen books over the years and chapters in half a dozen more.  In today’s conversation, we focus on Sanctity without the Starch: A Layperson’s Guide to a Wesleyan Theology of Grace Other notable works by Bob include: The Story of Evangelism, A History of the Witness of the Gospel (Abingdon Press, 2006).  Shortening the Leap, From Honest Doubt to Enduring Faith (Bristol House)  In Our Time, the Life and Ministry of E. Stanley Jones (ESJ Foundation).  Bob and his wife, Dianne, have homes in Cashiers, NC and Vero Beach, FL where they enjoy entertaining, gardening, fishing, and visiting with family (four grown children and six grandchildren) and friends. Bob also recommends the following writings for those interested in taking the next step in their spiritual formation: E. Stanley Jones Song of Ascent  Thomas a Kempis, Imitation of Christ  Please tell your friends about the Deep Dive Spirituality Videocast. It's also available on Spotify, Podbean, and iTunes as a podcast. Interested in a dynamic group coaching program for pastors and spiritual leaders? Check out

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Episode 29: Dr Brian Russell – The Old Testament and the Love of God and Neighbor

Is the Old Testament still relevant today? In this episode, Dr. Russell examines the critical role that the Old Testament plays in promoting the Love for God and for Neighbor by critiquing idolatry, syncretism, and injustice.

Dr. Brian Russell (Ph.D.) is a professor of Biblical studies, an author, speaker, and coach. He is passionate about the intersection of biblical studies and spiritual formation. He is curator of a group coaching program for pastors called Deep Dive Spirituality. 

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Books by Brian
(re)Aligning with God: Reading Scripture for Church and World

Books Recommended by Brian for Deeper Study on this Topic

John Oswalt The Bible Among the Myths 

John Oswalt Called to Be Holy: A Biblical Perspective 

Collins/Wall, Wesley One Volume Commentary 

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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Episode 28 Mark Danzey – Coaching and the Ministry of Making Disciples

Episode 28: Mark Danzey–Coaching and the Ministry of Discipleship

This week, Mark Danzey talk about the role that coaching plays in leadership and life. 

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Bio: Mark has been coaching professionals in a variety of industries for the last 25 years. Passionate about his work, he helps executives, directors, managers and individuals lead, equip, and inspire. He is a certified professional coach with the International Coaching Federation, a certified Gallup’ Strengthsfinder coach and an Enneagram trainer for individuals and teams.

Mark and his wife, Tammy live in the Atlanta, Georgia area have been married for 16 years. Together they have four grown children and one amazing grandson! 


Narrow Gate Equipping for Life.

Recommend Resources:

Robert Coleman, The Master Plan of Evangelism 

Rohr, Breathing Under Water: Spirituality and the Twelve Steps 

Shirzad Chamine, Positive Intelligence: Why Only 20% of Teams and Individuals Achieve Their True Potential AND HOW YOU CAN ACHIEVE YOURS 

Rohr The Enneagram: A Christian Perspective