Higher Performance Life and Business Coaching

Ever felt like you've spent too much of your life climbing a ladder only to discover that you set it against the wrong building? Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or dissatisfied? Looking to upgrade and move forward?

Dr. Brian Russell specializes in helping leaders to envision a bigger more satisfying future while establishing life patterns that aid in maximizing well-being, wholeness, and fulfillment.

*Move through feelings of overwhelm, stress, anxiety, and burn-out to find fulfillment and satisfaction;

*Set and achieve goals to transform your life and fulfill your calling;

*Gain deep insights into what is truly holding you back so that you can pursue wholeheartedly the future you are dreaming about;

*Remove blocks and limited beliefs that hinder the work of God's grace in your life; 

*Identify and eliminate deep seated hurts/scars/wounds that prevent you from living as the person God created you to be;

*Design and practice a Rule of Life unique to your personality that will maximize your growth and serve your highest good each day;

*Gain insights and open new pathways to the future that God is inviting you to pursue. 

Interested? Contact Brian to schedule a complimentary deep coaching conversation today. Experience firsthand how Higher Performance Life and Business Coaching can impact your life and deliver the results you deserve:


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