Thursday, July 16, 2020

Episode 16: Reading Scripture as Wesleyan Christians with Dr David Watson

In Episode 16, Dr. David Watson (Dean and Professor of New Testament at United Theological Seminary) talks about what it means to read Scripture as Wesleyan Christians. He talks about the critical need to read Scripture theologically for the Church. We do a deep dive on the inspiration and illumination of the Scripture by the Holy Spirit, “filters” for reading the Bible, the role of historical creeds, prayer, and holiness.

Books by Dr. Watson:
Scripture and the Life of God (Seedbed 2017) 

Key United Methodist Beliefs (with William Abraham; Abingdon 2013) 

Wesley, Wesleyans, and Reading Bible as Scripture (Co-editor with Joel B. Green) 

Honor Among Christians: The Cultural Key to the Messianic Secret, Fortress, 2010. 

Books Mentioned or Recommended by Dr. Watson

Castelo/Wall Marks of Scripture: Rethinking the Nature of the Bible (2019):

Beth Felker Jones Spirit of God: Christian Renewal in the Community of Faith (2015): 

C.S Lewis Anthology 

Wesley’s Sermons:  

Augustine. Confessions 

Dr. Watson teaches New Testament, Greek, courses in church renewal and courses in Bible and disability. His interests include theological (and especially Wesleyan) readings of Scripture and the Bible and disabilities. He participates both in the Society of Biblical Literature and the Wesleyan Theological Society. As Academic Dean, Dr. Watson oversees the academic program of the school and is a member of United’s Executive Staff.

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