Friday, April 17, 2020

50 Days of Formation and "KASHflow" (Walking and Talking Spirituality #16)

During this 50 day season of Eastertide in anticipation of Pentecost, what if we work on our spiritual formation so that we will be ready to be unleashed back into the world.

Embrace soul enhancing practices and mute your stress-relieving practices.

Borrowing an acronym from Dan Sullivan, let’s focus on  
on KASHflow:


Knowledge: How will you grow in self-knowledge? How are you presently consciously or unconsciously blocking the work of God in your life? What have you learned about God’s grace?

Attitudes: What attitudes do you need to cultivate in order to grow in love of God, neighbor, and self?

Skills: What new skills have I learned that I can continue to hone that will serve me in the long run?

Habits: What soul enhancing do I need to restart, launch, or double-down on so that I’ll be ready?

The world will reopen friends. A new dawn will appear. Spring will come again. Will we be ready?

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