Friday, October 23, 2015

The Longest Sentence in my New Book: What would Hemmingway or Shakespeare Say? Lol

If Hemmingway is famous for his robust and powerful prose and Shakespeare for the quotation "Brevity is the soul of wit", I wonder what they might say about this sentence that I crafted in my forthcoming book (re)Aligning with God: Reading Scripture for Church and World (Cascade Books, 2015)...

Take a deep breath...

Nothing is more suffocating or potentially harmful to God’s mission than a status quo religion that is more concerned with protecting its own power base, propagating tradition in anachronistic and legalistic ways, ex­alting itself by criticizing others, or promoting ideology over relationship than it is with declaring God’s eternal “Yes” to those women and men des­perate for the Good News that God has called us to share.

I promise that most of the new book is much easier to read. I almost edited above, but decided to leave it in for fun. 

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