Thursday, April 23, 2015

5 Tips for Leading/Teaching a Small Group Bible Study

Teach for the glory of God. Think of the time that you are committing in preparation and teaching as a holy sacrifice to the Lord for the sake of his mission in the world.

Prepare prayerfully. Remember that God has more at stake in the lesson than you do. Ask that the Lord would astonish you anew through his Word as you prepare and likewise pray that God would astonish the class as it works through the lesson. To paraphrase Paul, “Some teachers plant, others water, but God will make it grow.”

Remember that there is always more that could be said. Class time is precious and passes quickly. It is the rare class when everything works out precisely as you planned it. This is the irony of teaching and learning. It is an ongoing and never ending process. Don’t let this frustrate you. Be grateful for the privilege of being able to facilitate for others the learning and grappling with the Scriptures.

Always save time for reflection on how a text desires to shape us. Ultimately, learning about the Scripture must lead to transformation and change. We don’t study Scripture to master ancient history or accumulate answers to Bible trivia. We study the text as a means to becoming more godly in our lives so that God can use us to extend his love, grace, and mercy to others. Once you have worked through the details in the text push the class to discuss tangible ways in which the message can be lived out in our daily lives. It is vital to think of your role as a facilitator for transformation.

Have fun. At the end of the day, what can be more satisfying and enjoyable than reflecting on God’s Word with a group of fellow pilgrims seeking to live lives pleasing to God? Don’t take yourself to seriously. Be enthusiastic and interested in the material. Such an attitude will prove infectious to the class and set the tone for a meaningful hour of study together.

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