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Brian is available to teach, preach, or offer keynotes for your church or conference.

Popular teaching topics:

(1) Finding Your Place in God's Story.

(2) Reading the Psalms as the Prayerbook for God's Missional People

(3) Exodus: Liberated For God

(4) Reading Scripture for Church and World: Introducing Missional Hermeneutics

(5) Workshop: Learning the Practice of Inductive Bible Study for Personal Transformation

Popular Keynotes/Messages:
(1) A Life that Demands Explanation: Five Questions for Living the Life of God's Dreams

(2) (re)Aligning with God: God's GPS for Your Life

(3) Created for So Much More: Becoming the Person God Created You to Be

(4) Critical Shifts for Embracing God's Mission in the 21st Century

Contact Brian: brian.russell9113@gmail.com

References available upon request.

Recent Events:
"Finding Your Place in God's Story" Lakewood UMC (Houston, TX)

"Learning the Practice of Inductive Bible Study" Auburn UMC College Ministry (Alabama)

"Reading the Psalms as a Prayerbook for God's Missional People"
New Covenant UMC (The Villages, FL)

"(re)Aligning for God's 21st Century Mission" New Room Conference (Franklin, TN)

Recent Preaching:
All Villages Presbyterian (Port St. Luce, FL)
Wellspring UMC (Tampa, FL)
Wildwoods UMC (Wildwoods, FL)
Melbourne Community Church (Melbourne, FL)
St Cloud First UMC (St Cloud, FL)
Cape Coral First UMC (Cape Coral, FL)


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