Thursday, January 15, 2015

Some Marks of Missional Communities

Missional communities trust fully in the life, death, and resurrection as their foundation for faith.

Missional communities seek to embody the values and ethos of God’s kingdom for the sake of the world.

Missional communities love people and desire God's best for every human person.

Missional communities desire to steward the earth and honor God's original mission of creation care.

Missional communities are communities of transformation. God is in the business of transforming lives and igniting persons to live the lives of God’s dreams.

Missional communities read the Scriptures as a road map for living as God’s missional people who reflect God’s character to/for/in the world.

Missional communities stop worrying about being corrupted by the world and instead dream about ways to influence the world.

Missional communities focus on the needs of the world rather than on the likes/dislikes of insiders.

Missional communities speak human and incarnationally rather than communicating with shibboleths and other insider jargon.

Missional communities unleash all of God’s people to deploy their gifts, talents, and passions for God mission.

Missional communities stop worrying about the transitions in their neighborhoods and instead give thanks for all of the new people that God is sending their way.

Missional communities are more concerned with reaching the current culture than with the risks involved with interacting directly with contemporary culture.

Missional communities are led by the Spirit to create culture rather than to stagnate in some past (real or imagined) or to capitulate to the world’s culture.

Missional communities are less safe havens from the world and more staging areas for launching world changing initiatives.

Missional communities are not defensive with the wider culture “attacks” or challenges to the faith. Rather they use these opportunities as moments of traction to demonstrate reality and truthfulness of the Gospel.

© 2015 Brian D. Russell

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